Erin Burton, The Impact Movement

National Conference Director
Orlando, Florida
Age: 27

Resume: Erin Burton has always been a skilled communicator. “I wanted to be Oprah,” she admits. But fate took her in another direction when she attended her first Impact conference. Eventually going to work for the organization, she now spearheads its national conference, an event designed to meet the needs of college-age members of the African-American Christian community.

Career Highlight: “When I learned that a good leader doesn’t have to know everything, but instead needs to be willing to seek the answers and/or give leadership to those who know the answers.”

Inspiration: “I couldn’t ask for a more supportive and gracious team. We pull all-nighters, laugh hard, grieve if necessary, but get it done.”

Industry Mentors: “Kimberly Moore inspires me. She was the former national conference director, and trained me for my role. She would always say, ‘Speed of the leader, speed of the team,’ which is something I live by.”

What Friends Say: “Erin is the youngest member of the staff to be entrusted with such a huge role,” says Moore. “She brings her gifts and talents as an actor and writer to keep the content fresh and engaging. She is also someone people love serving.”


Dream Speaker: Dr. Charles Gilmer, president of The Impact Movement. I never expect what he says to move me so much, but it does, almost every time. Despite what I think I want to hear, Dr. Gilmer delivers what I need to hear.
Last Places You Vacationed: St. Augustine, Fla., and New York City
First Job: Teacher’s assistant at a camp
Destination for Next Event: New Orleans

The Burton Profile: Droid | Carry-on | Window seat. It’s perfect for naps. | Tea | Skinny jeans | Facebook

—Erin Caslavka Deinzer

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