Busy Bee Charlton Cunningham on the Joy of Volunteering

By Leigh Harper, December 13, 2016

What’s something you’ve learned from volunteering?

I learned how to roll T-shirts really well when I volunteered at Catalyst! That’s helped me pack suitcases a lot better, and it’s changed how I put clothes in my dresser drawers.


What’s the most random volunteer task you’ve been assigned?

I had to dress up in a bumblebee suit at Catalyst to greet people. The theme was “Be present,” so they wanted a few bumblebees present. There were four or five of us greeting and standing in the arena.


Wow! Is that your most memorable volunteer experience?

Yes. After my official bee duties were finished, I sat in the session in my costume. Then there was a break and some fun music was playing, so the emcee asked the bees to come onstage and dance. Dancing onstage at Catalyst while dressed as a bee was pretty memorable!


What’s one thing you wish event planners knew about working with volunteers?

It’s more fun to have a [long] punch list of tasks so you can keep going [instead of having downtime]. Volunteers usually run through things quickly, and they’re willing and ready to do whatever needs to happen. That’s why they are there.

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