7 AV Strategies You Must Know

By Rejuvenate Staff, February 12, 2013

CheRhonda Greenlee and Janice Johnson presented an audiovisual education session at Collinson Media’s Diversity Summit. They offer their top dos and don’ts from the session for meeting professionals preparing for an event.

DO seek the advice of an AV professional before you making any final decisions concerning your event’s audiovisual needs.

DO know your desired outcomes. From backstage to backend (DVDs, CDs, livestream, etc.), know what success looks like to you, and communicate it to all involved.

DO focus on the details. From equipment requirements to event schedule to on-site employee needs—put everything in writing.

DON’T skimp on your RFP. At a minimum, your RFP should include the following for components: (See bonus attachment for sample RFP)

  1. Event summary – This includes the dates, times, venue, equipment list, seating and staging maps or CAD drawing, contact numbers and budget
  2. Event AV budget – Give yourself a 10 percent cushion. If your budget is $100,000 indicate a budget ranging from $80,000-$90,000.
  3. Service bundles – When renting equipment by the day look for ways to get maximum use (i.e., one microphone can be used in multiple rooms if needed at different times). If applicable, ask for multi-year deals.

DO seek to negotiate. Common negotiable AV areas are: power drops, Internet costs and equipment.

DO utilize a detailed production schedule. This will manage labor overages and minimize idle staff.

DO search for hidden savings. Cut cost without compromising your event by using these simple strategies:

  1. Staging – Use lighting cans and gobos to add interest to stage.
  2. Screen – Use a predesigned background to display throughout event.
  3. Staff – Use industry experienced volunteers to run cameras.

In the end, do not compromise the ability for your attendees to hear and see the event. These are basic tips that are meant to be tweaked based on your unique event.

CheRhonda Greenlee specializes in helping meeting planners and leadership teams maximize their program initiatives through life-transforming events. She spearheads the social media engagement, livestreaming services and media sales team for CMETV, an audiovisual ministry of the C.M.E. Church, and serves leaders through her company Saffron Planning and Events. You can connect with her @CheRhondaGreenlee and che@cmetvnetwork.com.

Janice Johnson is a speaker and Ministry Marketing Mentor, helping pastors and Christian leaders expand their reach without compromising their message. Through workshops, training programs, events and products, Johnson guides leaders through the practical processes and strategic next steps needed to reach those they are called to serve. You can connect with her @janiceroberson and janice@moruwa.com.

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