Beth Moore Equips the Next Generation at LIT

By Kelly Russell, March 16, 2017

The heartbeat behind LIT—a one-day event in February hosted by Beth Moore for women in their 20s and 30s called to teach, speak or write—was a powerful one: “Whatever is mine to give is yours to have if you want it.”

Moore announced the event on her Living Proof Ministries blog in November last year, sharing that the passion for it welled up in her as she wrote a five-week Bible study on 2 Timothy called “Entrusted.” Throughout the writing, Moore—who has three decades of ministry experience—says she wished she had extra time with young women who felt led to minister in her own areas of gifting. LIT was born.

Online registration for LIT opened three months prior to the event and was sold out within six minutes. “We were slack-jawed,” recalls Jenn Hamm, Houston event coordinator at Living Proof Ministries. “We had no idea the response would be that overwhelming.” The immense response led them to relocate the event to a larger venue.

As the planners scurried to prepare for the event, the participants had their own homework. Moore required attendees to purchase and complete an “Entrusted” workbook and present it at the door along with their ticket. She explained her reasoning for this requirement in her blog: “First, space is limited and I want to ensure that those who come are serious… I’d rather have 100 with fire in their bones than 500 who are simply curious,” she wrote. “Secondly and most importantly, making ‘Entrusted’ a prerequisite means that we can come together on the same page and launch straight to the next level.”

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  • Danna Larson

    I have to echo Heidi’s comment…God was up to something mighty in that room those 12 hours! Great article, Kelly! That line “Concern yourself with the depth of your ministry and let God worry about the breadth” is pure gold.

  • Heather Bock

    This conference was amazing–I’ve been to other good conferences, but none like this one. God was present and active in that place, and the connections the participants have made since then on our Facebook page have been incredible to watch.

    Heather Bock

  • Hillary

    I was one of those who ended up on the waitlist. I got up that morning to sign up, but then let my own fears get in the way of signing up and didn’t. A few hours later I decided I might as well put my name on the list, thinking I would never get in. (I was 671 on the waitlist.) I got an email just a bit before the conference, my waitlist number allowed me to sign up. The Lord knew I was suppose to be there and my own hesitation and my own fears would not keep the Lord from doing His planning for my own life. Those 12 hours have left me, even a month later, pondering over many different things of how God is wanting to use me with those He has entrusted to me. It is awesome to be called a LITle that Beth Moore continues to pour into, but even greater than that how God is using that space to build relationships with others He has placed writing and speaking on their heart; to encourage one another as we all step out into the places He has called. It was a place He called, affirmed and encouraged all of us.

    • Leigh Harper

      Amazing! Thanks for sharing.

  • Will forever be grateful for this event. Literally forever- the impact will be eternal as this event was part of equipping so many to be mighty servants of the Lord loosed on this earth. Great summary, Kelly!

  • Maria

    Ah. Sure want to be back with you all. <3 Loved reading this and thinking back on it.

  • How my heart longs to go back to this day and do it all again. How aware I am, that even though I don’t know all the what’s or how’s that will sprout from it, God was up to something mighty in that room those 12 hours.

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