Planner Perspective: Never Stop Asking Why

By Terry Weaver, April 8, 2016

terry_bio-compressorThere was a time in our lives when we were told to do something and we would immediately respond with a question: “Why?”

If you don’t believe me, go tell the average 5-year-old girl to put her toys away, or get into a discussion with a 7-year-old boy about dinosaurs. We are born curious. It’s the reason kids are creative and their imaginations are limitless. If you have children, you probably find this habit rather annoying, but those who keep asking the right questions are the ones who discover things others miss. Even Albert Einstein reminded us of the power of asking why: “The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.” But somewhere along the way we stop asking why and accept the idea someone else has already determined for our future.

Fast-forward to planning events. We as planners have been trained to stop asking why and replaced it with the worst answers to any question: “We did it that way last year,” or “Well, we’ve always done it that way,” or the brutally honest “Don’t ask me; I have no idea.”

Events and organizations that understand the importance of asking why will rise above the rest. Innovation occurs when we ask why, and impact amplifies when we really understand our why and can ensure everything that happens at our event fulfills that mission.

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