The Pervasiveness of Social Media

By Mark Smith, October 17, 2013

In the past several years, I’ve seen a dramatic uptick in the use of social media at events and in organizations’ marketing strategies. A social media presence has become essential for an organization to remain competitive and relevant. Not all baby boomers may embrace social media, but it is a preferred method of communication for Generations X and Y. In order to attract those age groups, an organization must have a social media presence or they may not be noticed.

Social media gives you the opportunity to reach people you may not have considered for your event. Organizations should encourage attendees to use a variety of platforms to create a buzz about the event and get potential attendees interested in future events. The cost to maintain a social media presence is much less than traditional marketing methods and can reduce your event marketing expenses. An organization should have a Facebook page specific for both the organization and each of its events. Individual event pages allow you to communicate program information and marketing material like videos from past shows to potential attendees as well as last-minute schedule changes and show updates for those who have registered.

One downfall of social media is the lack of control over what content others post about your organization and event. Whenever someone complains on social media, do your best to contact them and resolve the issue. However, the positive impact potential of social media makes participating in it a necessary step for organizations in today’s tech-savvy culture. It’s the preferred communication for a large portion of the population, it’s inexpensive to use and it can create immediate buzz.

At Rejuvenate Marketplace, we hope you’ll join the conversation that’s happening on our social media outlets, and I encourage you to communicate with us on our social pages after the event concludes. At Marketplace, post your photos and comments using the hashtag #rejuv13, and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to see what’s happening behind the scenes and to get the last updates. And don’t forget to check out our YouTube page, where we’ll share exclusive interviews with education presenters and keynote speakers.

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