2016 Industry Leader | Diane Wilson

By Connect Staff, September 27, 2016

diane wilson visit greenville sc industry leader connect faithDiane Wilson
Senior Sales Manager, Visit Greenville SC
Greenville, S.C.

Diane Wilson has always loved the initials S.C.—spending half of her life in Southern California as a travel agent and the other half in South Carolina with VisitGreenvilleSC. After 19 years as VGSC’s director of information services, two years ago she transitioned to senior sales manager to serve the religious market. Wilson enjoys hosting planners, introducing Greenville as a family/faith-friendly destination, and encouraging new ideas to merge their programs and ministry with the Greenville community.

Career accomplishments:
With 44 years in the travel industry, Wilson considers her greatest accomplishment to be the opportunity she has now, as she passionately works to
bring faith-based meetings and events to her community in Greenville.

Rave review:
“Diane Wilson continues to be a leader whom I strive to model my own leadership after. In every client meeting or visit, her desire to serve others and relate the warmth of Greenville shines,” says Dedra Herod, CCNL, director of event experiences at Christian Leadership Alliance.

My first job in the hospitality industry was…  as a travel agent, pre-computers, handwriting airline tickets!

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