3 Ways to Market with Snapchat

By Connect Staff, April 26, 2016

Snapchat, which allows users to send photos, videos, text or drawings that can be viewed for a set time limit of 1-10 seconds by a controlled list of recipients, is growing in popularity among teens. A report from BI Intelligence estimates the app had 70 million active users as of April, up from 30 million in December 2013. While Snapchat isn’t on the same playing field as the big three (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) when it comes to marketing, there’s a good chance that young people attending your conference already are using it, so why not experiment with the app’s promotion potential at your next youth event? Here are three ideas to try from Picatic, a crowd-funding ticketing platform:

1. Host a scavenger hunt.
Snap a picture of a location where attendees can meet to win prizes or find a secret VIP party. Only those who see the snap will be able to find it.

2. Offer sneak peeks.
Send a photo to attendees the day before your event to leak some of the prizes that will be given away, or share tidbits from keynote speakers or general sessions to get them excited and talking about the event.

3. Play hide and seek.
Hide a special item within your venue and send photo clues for attendees to hunt it down. The first person to find it either gets to keep it or wins another prize.

Even though Snapchats are discarded with a few seconds of opening, the app provides instant feedback on how many people are accessing the photo you sent, as well as a notification if a screenshot is taken.

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