5 Things We Learned From Catalyst’s Tyler Reagin

5 Things We Learned From Catalyst’s Tyler Reagin

By Anna Dunn, October 14, 2016

Moments before he’s set to go onstage, Tyler Reagin, executive director of Catalyst, exudes a cool, calm and collected demeanor—despite being responsible for a 25-person team and setting the tone of Catalyst for 7,000 attendees in Atlanta. Last week, we caught up with our December/January 2015 issue cover star at Infinite Energy Arena to find out how he’s doing in his new director role. Here’s what we learned.

1. Reagin and his team are cautious multitaskers.

“It’s a big week for us, but half of us are working on spring events. It’s a constant revolving thing, so we are trying to stay as present as we can. In the event business, you’re [always] moving to the next, and we want to make sure we stay engaged. Even next week, when it’s a ‘down week,’ we have to stay present and we have to rest.”

2. He practices what he preaches.

“Catalyst is a leadership organization. If our product is leadership, we can’t just talk about it; we’ve got to be good at it. We have an important job because we’re investing in leaders. It’s a high calling that we feel passionate about stewarding well. We’ve spent the last few years continually getting better at that.”

3. He understands people are wired differently—and that that’s OK.

“I am so passionate that as leaders we lean into our uniqueness and our unique wirings. I [first] worked for Catalyst as a contractor, where I would come in and produce these events. I’m wired for that, which is funny because I’m really not wired for planning or organization or details. When I’m on-site, because I’m unstructured, I expect things not to be done. My leadership team is wired toward results because they don’t like that feeling; they want to make sure all the details are taken care of.”

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