6 Apps to Help Streamline Planning Events

By Camille Moore, October 2, 2019

Event professionals can’t do everything themselves. These apps streamline the planning process to help events run smoother.


Your attendees, exhibitors, vendors and team can share photos on one platform with Capsule, a photo app that lets users create a shared, you guessed it, capsule” of images from an event. Once you create the account, invite people to add photos, and members can vote for the best. Once the capsule closes, the app will generate the final group’s selection of pictures —enticing a slew of memories. iOS and Android

Conference Compass

Conference Compass is designed specifically for scientific and medical events and complies with the guidance for the new MedTech Europe Code of Ethical Business Practice. The app has three different level packages—event level, industry and sponsor level and engagement level—that are all customizable for your experience. iOS and Android

Decibel Ultra

If you’re hosting an event in an area that has noise restrictions, download Decibel Ultra to check the sound on your next site visit. The app measures the volume and compares it to reference values. iOS


Make your education sessions, events and classrooms more interactive with Glisser, an audience engagement app. The app allows speakers to interact with the audience and attendees in a virtual setting. Users can see the presentation slides from their phone, take notes, tweet slides and more. Once the presentation is over, speakers can analyze data about audience engagement. And they don’t have to worry about the audience seeing their advance slides; the system prevents users from seeing slides not presented yet. iOS and Android


Mag-nificent allows users to take pictures at your event with a custom-branded frame. It’s great for multiday event or fan conventions, with real-time social sharing and on-site prints that can be ordered through the app. Users can also share their photos on their social sites and your event’s social media feeds. iOS and Android


Nothing is more frustrating than planning an event in a certain room only to realize the room is too small or can’t accommodate your event properly. Download MagicPlan and have it ready for your next site visit. Open the app to take pictures of the room. It automatically measures the room and draws a floor plan from the pictures. iOS

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Event professionals can’t do everything themselves. These apps streamline the planning process to help events run smoother.

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