6 Ways to Practice Wellness at Work

By Stacey Marcus, April 24, 2019

Clean Up Your Act

Proper hand hygiene is an important measure in reducing illness-causing germs that can make you sick, whether around food or at other times during the day. Jim Arbogast, Ph.D., vice president of hygiene sciences and public health advancements at GOJO, a hand hygiene company, takes it a step farther. “Keeping hands clean through improved hand hygiene is one of the most important steps we can take to avoid getting sick and spreading germs to others.”

Calm Down

Aromatherapy is an all-natural way to bring wellness to the workplace. “Essential oils can help calm the mind, balance the mood, and enhance productivity, focus and concentration. Many oils can also help to counteract mental fatigue, anxiety, irritability, tension and stress,” notes Kim Greiner, sales manager of Serene House USA, a company that offers a wide range of high quality ultrasonic essential oil diffusers and oils. Its top-selling Ranger travel USB-operated ultrasonic diffuser can be plugged into a laptop or any USB port.

Select Smart Snacks

Employees are often challenged with a late afternoon slump and turn to snacks that are high glycemic, leaving them with a false boost of energy, often leading to a sugar crash soon after. “Selecting snacks that are low glycemic provides sustainable energy, helping to pick you up in the afternoon and finish out your day strong,” says Kellie C. Lee,  creator and owner of Rowdy Prebiotic Foods Additionally. “Look for ingredients like the gut-health superfood Yacon Root which has many health benefits, one being a natural appetite suppressant, so you won’t feel hungry during your afternoon meetings.”

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