8 Churches With Rockin’ Bands for Your Next Event

8 Churches With Rockin’ Bands for Your Next Event

By Natalie Dupuis, October 15, 2015

Bringing in a chart-topping musical act isn’t always in the cards—or your budget. If your group is headed to one of these cities, use our handy guide to stellar in-house church bands to either lead worship, a session or put on a memorable show.

Gateway Church

Known for: Dove Award winner and Grammy nominee Kari Jobe fronts the Gateway Worship band

Lakewood Church

Known for: The rousing Lakewood Church band led by worship pastor Michael Mellett and teaching pastor Joel Osteen

Bayside Church

Sacramento, California 
Known for: Rocker Lincoln Brewster and his mohawk, reaching a younger generation of worshippers

North Point Ministries

Known for: A rotating crew of performers including songwriting solo acts like Adam Kersh, Brett Stanfill and more

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