Agents of Change: Antoine Lancaster, The Way of the Cross Church of Christ Inc.

By Connect Staff, September 8, 2016

Antoine Lancaster at Ebenezer Coffee House on August 8, 2016 in Washington DC.Antoine Lancaster
President, Youth for Christ at The Way of the Cross Church of Christ Inc.
Capitol Heights, Maryland

Change-Making 101: Lancaster wants to show church folks can have fun too. “I don’t stick to traditional ways of thinking,” he says. “I always look for innovative ways to retain youth with nontraditional events.”

He Believes: You can’t be afraid to try new things.

Greatest Career Accomplishment: “Bringing a multitude of my [Youth for Christ] church youth to one of our national convocations. Then, in my second year in my position, I had the youth participate in a few of our national contests such as oratory, essay, Bible bee and Bible bowl, and some of them placed in the top three on their first attempt. The national president recognized the fact YFC hadn’t participated in so long.”

The Numbers Game: “We have seen an increase in [youth conference attendee] numbers, but those are not the numbers I look to attain. It’s the youth I can get to Christ that tells me if I was ultimately successful.”

How He Got Here: Lancaster was elected to his current position, in which one of his roles is to organize the meeting location for the men’s ministry.

What He’s Working on Right Now: Planning the 2017 youth conference for his local church

Inspired By: “My father, Henry Lancaster Sr.; my pastor and uncle, Bishop Alphonzo D. Brooks; and Steve Jobs.”

Secret to His Success: Kindness. “Treat people the way you want to be treated. I listen to the people I’m serving and take time to connect with those I’m trying to reach.”

“I don’t stick to traditional ways of thinking. I always look for innovative ways to retain youth with nontraditional events.”

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