Agents of Change: Peter Barton, CTA, Duke Energy Convention Center

By Connect Staff, September 9, 2016

Peter Barton, CTA
Sales Manager, Duke Energy Convention Center for Spectra Venue Management
Cincinnati, Ohio

Change-Making 101: Originally from Ireland, Barton has a different perspective on the faith-based industry, partly because he was not exposed to many different denominations growing up. “[A job working with multiple denominations] both interests me and helps me keep an open mind,” he says. “Each group has such specific needs, I feel it would be wrong to put a general label on the segment.”

How He Got Here: Barton gained experience working in the hotel industry in Ireland. “When I came to the U.S., I felt alone,” he says. “As I grew in my faith, I started to lean on God for guidance.” Fast-forward several years to when he came across a sales position at Duke Energy Convention Center. Although he didn’t have all the posted experience they wanted, he applied. Ultimately he was hired to handle the faith-based market. “God has a reason for everything.”

Greatest Career Accomplishment: “Successfully helping groups book business in a city where it might seem impossible to host an event due to budget restraints. I work hard to provide solutions for faith-based groups that have this as a main challenge.”

The Numbers Game: He worked with colleagues at DECC and the Cincinnati CVB to close more than $2 million in revenue for the convention center and more than 45,000 room nights over the next two years in faith group business.

Secret to His Success: Seeking understanding. “I find building a genuine friendship rather than a partnership helps—not that a partnership isn’t important. We buy and sell from our friends and people we trust, so shouldn’t that be the top priority?”

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