Bartha, Church of the Nazarene Team Up for General Assembly

By Michael Solender, October 19, 2017

barthaFull-service creative events production company Bartha produced the 10-day, 20,000-participant Church of the Nazarene Quadrennial General Assembly in Indianapolis this summer. The Columbus-based firm, producer of the 2013 assembly as well, supports national associations, faith-based organizations and corporate groups with meetings and events, producing 350 shows annually. Business, celebration and worship were the focus for this event.

Bartha’s Managing Director of National Sales and Marketing John Killacky spoke with Connect Faith about the challenge of simultaneous programing for the Assembly and concurrent conventions, livestreaming to 40 countries and the responsibility of helping the church realize its mission.

Describe the scope of the event and operational challenges you faced.

The primary event space was the entire Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis. We also produced additional events at several nearby hotels as there were multiple conventions within the overall General Assembly (Nazarene Missions International, Nazarene Youth International, and Sunday School and Discipleship Ministries International). The main worship area was set up for 20,000. Many groups met simultaneously, requiring precise timing and communication, as well as multiple producers and crews. There were several setups, changeovers and rehearsal times for each space, which was challenging. We had 60 concurrent breakout sessions to manage, for example.

The event was streamed live to more than 40 countries in five different languages. We also had two-way interaction, such as presentations from the Philippines back to Indianapolis. We had about 50 on-site people in roles such as producers, technical directors, video/camera operators, lighting technicians, lighting designers, set designers, breakout technicians and audio technicians.

How did you work with the church on branding for the event?

The church developed a theme for the General Assembly, “One Body, One Spirit, One Hope, One Lord, One Faith,” that we incorporated into everything from banners and signage to creative materials and artwork. We collaborated extensively on content, graphics, concepts, design and execution to engage their participants. The main stage incorporated the theme, and the logo was 200 feet wide with multiple projectors and screens. A 200-member choir and full orchestra kept everyone energized.

Tell us about a wow-factor program element you developed for the Assembly.

One very special element we developed was a multilingual video booth accessible to all attendees during the assembly to record testimonials as to what “One Body, One Spirit, One Hope, One Lord, One Faith” meant to them. We compiled this daily, edited it, and had the videos translated and streamed during the evening. Everyone loved it, and it brought incredible energy to the event.

What does Bartha take away from this experience?

We recognize the magnitude of this event and are proud to have helped it run smoothly. Helping them realize their mission is rewarding.

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