Book Look: Turning the Page with Jen Hatmaker

By Stephanie Davis Smith, July 2, 2015

0702_RJWeb_Features_HatmakerBookTLC reality show star, pastor’s wife and mother of five Jen Hatmaker has a new book, “For the Love: Fighting for Grace in a World of Impossible Standards” ($23, Thomas Nelson), out Aug. 18. In her witty and frank tone, she delivers career and life lessons that can be applied to the meetings industry in these three excerpts:

On marketing strategy:

“My brain told me to craft careful messaging and hold my cards close. ‘Be easy breezy!’ It said. ‘Don’t let anyone know you’re conflicted. Do not provide ammunition for the Internet to use against you. There is no room here for personal struggle; if you are having a branding crisis, zip it.’ I stared out the window, writing press releases in my head to shape this correctly, when a clear and immediate thought slammed into my brain. ‘Just tell the truth.’”

On losing churchgoers:

“Honestly, I love Jesus but sometimes His followers give me a migraine. Actually the whole world is fuming; and that frustration is turning to indifference. ‘Oh well another Christian acting like a sanctimonious gatekeeper…’ The issue is no longer trite or inconsequential. We are losing influence in our culture, and it isn’t even a mystery as to why. Folks are explaining plainly why they are leaving faith or are too afraid to come near it… Treating each other poorly is not a factor Christians can pass off.”

On face-to-face meetings:

“We live in a strange, unprecedented time when face-to-face relationships are becoming optional… Online life is no substitute for practiced, physical presence, and it will never replace someone looking you in the eye… People crave what they have always craved: to be known and loved, to belong somewhere. Community is such a basic human need.”

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