Catalyst’s Lindsay van Zyl on Marketing Ministry

By Lindsay van Zyl, January 5, 2016

It was always my dream to go into full-time ministry. Then out of high school, I was rejected from a church internship. I had no plan B; that was it. Through that, I ended up at Berry College in Georgia, and it was via a connection at school that I was introduced to Giant Impact, a company dedicated to developing leaders in ministry and business. Michael Williams, a Berry alum, was heading Giant Impact’s Leadercast conference at the time and was looking for a marketing intern. I was up for the challenge. Four years later, I’m now director of marketing for Catalyst, another Giant Impact brand. 

It’s funny now to look back and think about what you thought you were going to do. Though my path didn’t happen exactly as I’d planned, I’m still doing ministry each day. I hope Catalyst is opening eyes to that idea as well. I think a lot of Catalyst attendees ask, “When is my ministry going to start?” Our speakers will say, “You are in ministry already.” It is happening now. In the same vein, marketing these events is my own kind of ministry.

Our team focuses on how we can connect with our audience outside of events too. The easiest, quickest and most inexpensive way is digital engagement. We built an app allowing leaders to connect with each other outside of Catalyst events. We provide discussion drivers, then sit back and watch conversations take place in the forums and people connecting. This has been one of the most rewarding things for our team to see.

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