Amy Barnes, Aerospace Engineer-Turned-Professional Funny Girl

By Kelsey Ogletree, December 13, 2016

Work hasn’t always been all laughs for Amy Barnes. Barnes was an aerospace engineer before a classmate at the University of Washington signed her up for a stand-up comedy class, introducing her to a new passion. Barnes and her writer-comedian husband moved from the Pacific Northwest to Hollywood to hone their collective skills. (They’ve since relocated back to Seattle.)  

“My husband, Jerry, and I were performing our show about the first year of marriage called ‘The Funnymooners’ at a theater in Oklahoma City,” she says of her transition to faith-based comedy gigs. “One night, a pastor in the audience invited us to perform at a marriage conference at his church.”

Today, Barnes can be found performing at gigs such as Fish Radio Girls’ Night Out Tour, JoyFest, the Aspire women’s conference and Date Night Phoenix. “I believe what I am doing in my life now is a work that God began in me long ago,” says Barnes. “I don’t remember a time when I didn’t pray or trust in God.”

As for her top suggestion for event planners looking to book a comedian: “Get more than one reference,” she recommends. “Anybody can find one person who will say they are funny—it’s finding a couple who aren’t related to one another or to you that’s challenging.”

We’ve hunted down five comedy acts like Barnes who may be a great fit for faith-based planners looking to book entertainment, and we’ll continue to share them with you over the next month.

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