Connect Faith’s 2018 Memory Makers

By Betty Ann Graham, December 3, 2018

Debbie McAlear

Administrator, Women Physicians in Christ

Bristol, Tennessee

Greatest career accomplishment: Pulling off my very first WPC annual conference five years ago on the day I was released from a six-week medical leave. It was a challenge to plan a conference I had never attended before from my “resting couch.”

Impressive stats: We’ve had an average 10 percent increase in annual conference attendance each year—almost doubling attendance the past 10 years. We have also increased our monthly e-newsletter mailing by 3,000-plus in the past five years.

Event I am proud of helping produce: We just held our annual conference at a charming culinary hotel and spa in Essex, Vermont, which we had outgrown before we arrived—a first for our conference. We faced all kinds of new issues with an oversold hotel, then contracting an overflow hotel, arranging shuttles to bring people back and forth, etc. But along with the hotel, we pulled it off.

What I’m working on: I’m really excited about next year, when our 2019 conference will celebrate our 25th year as a commission. The conference will be held at The Battle House Renaissance Hotel & Spa in Mobile, Alabama, a site we learned about at Connect Faith.

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