Event Tech That Goes With the Flo(w)

By Connect Staff, September 19, 2016

Try these two pieces of event tech that help keep the flow of your event smooth and problem-free.

If you’re using a paper-based workflow for your audiovisual process, it’s time to come out of the Dark Ages. Enter Shoflo, a cloud-based software allowing your event staff and AV teams to collaborate on production materials—like cue sheets, equipment lists or video assets—in real time. Don’t bother printing version after version of cue sheets; the software lets the production crew know when last-minute schedule changes occur.

Building an event website from scratch is an easy project to say “no thanks” to when your to-do list is longer than the wait list for “Hamilton.” Meet Webflow, a web design platform that makes building a new site far less daunting. The platform allows you to design and develop simultaneously. It’s extraordinarily user-friendly, to the point where it could cut out the need to hire a developer altogether. Used by big brands like Salesforce and MTV, as well as small nonprofits like Possible, Webflow makes a beautiful website more accessible.

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