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By Sponsored Content, October 8, 2018

In the heart of South Carolina, tradition and tomorrow pair perfectly in Columbia. It’s got all the gracious charm you’d expect from a Southern destination—nothing saccharine, just good old-fashioned kindness. The locals in Columbia SC have never met a stranger and our region’s hospitality (and food!) make event attendees feel right at home.

Accessible and affordable with big-city amenities and a small-town feel, Columbia is the ideal place for small to mid-size events. Getting here is straightforward with three interstates and a regional airport. Plentiful accommodations, walkability and overall manageability make for logistics that are as friendly as the people.

Versatile facilities include more than 535,500 square feet of meeting space. Venues such as the 26,000-sq.-ft. Brookland Banquet and Conference Center at Brookland Baptist Church or Word of God Church and Ministries are equipped to welcome small to mid-size groups, while spaces like Colonial Life Arena and Township Auditorium can accommodate larger congregations.

Bring your family! An award-winning zoo, the largest children’s museum in the South and plenty of public parks will keep your tribe as busy as you want it to be. With plenty of top-notch family-friendly activities and restaurants like Lizard’s Thicket and Doc’s Barbeque, there’s no reason not to transform your trip into a wholesome family getaway.

Come as you are and discover all that makes Columbia a real Southern hot spot. Its natural beauty and historic significance serve as a rich backdrop for a city bursting with growth, creativity and the excitement of what’s to come. We’ll be waiting for you with a glass of sweet tea!


Twila Jones, Senior Sales Manager
Experience Columbia SC

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