Five Key Takeaways from Connect Faith

By Alina Radchuk, November 30, 2018

If you came to Connect Faith 2018 in Ontario, California, for Deion Sanders or Chef Jeff Henderson, you weren’t disappointed. Both keynotes held a captive audience as they shared stories and lessons from their difficult pasts and successful careers. But those weren’t the only moments that left a lasting impression. Here are five takeaways from Connect Faith:

Set the Right Tone

Pastor and gospel recording artist William Murphy showed how important it is to set the right tone to your meeting or event before it begins. Murphy opened each day with worship and an inspirational message, reminding attendees that God can use setbacks and  our own adversaries to bring about blessings to move us forward. Murphy’s performance energized the audience for the rest of the day.

Engaged Attendees are Inspired Attendees

Leaving a lasting impact on attendees doesn’t have to be complicated. Todd Miechiels is the founder of StoryDrive, which aims to capture people’s hearts and stories on video. Though the concept is simple, the execution has a profound affect on participants. At Connect Faith, attendees took a seat in front of a camera and with some prompts from Miechiels, shared what they were thankful for. Taking the time to slow down from their packed schedules and think about all their blessings resulted in powerful experiences. One attendee said that participating in StoryDrive was life-changing and gave her “a sense of peace”—something she had not felt in a long time. Many attendees voiced enthusiasm about implementing this into future events.

Get Onboard with AI 

Jim Spellos, in his session “Hackathon,” spoke about how technology trends have affected the hospitality industry. For those who worry that AI will make their jobs obsolete, Spellos’ response is, “AI will take your job only if you let it. We should always be moving forward, using the strength of AI in combination with our own intelligence and creativity to make our role at work more secure.” Spellos demonstrated to Faith attendees how to use different apps such as Layer, Wallame and Ink Hunter to make meetings and events feel new and exciting.

Faith is Booming

Religious events have been increasing in number every year and show no signs of stopping. A supplier from Minnesota excitedly shared how Connect Faith had generated seven RFPs for her business. While religious events don’t take the largest slice in the meetings and events industry, this segment remains

It’s Not Over Yet: Carry the Right Tone to the Very End of Your Event

Attendees won’t soon forget the powerful messages Deion Sanders and Chef Jeff gave at Connect Faith. Both keynotes shared memorable ideas about overcoming adversity, personal faith, leadership and success. Chef Jeff’s unconventional advice was to not pursue your passion, but pursue your gift or talent instead and make it your passion. He noted that this would conserve the greatest amount of energy, time and money. Sanders closed out Connect Faith with advice on leadership and many personal anecdotes from his life. He shared about the hardships his family experienced when he was growing up. When asked about his favorite moment in his athletic career, he responded, “When I was drafted by the Atlanta Falcons and knew that my mom would never have to work another day in her life.”

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