2017 Culture Shapers: The Tech Mastermind, Greg Dolezal

By Leigh Harper, October 5, 2017

Greg Dolezal is the head of several technology operations based in Atlanta. As a 2017 Culture Shaper, Dolezal discusses his passion for the events industry.

Go-getter Greg Dolezal is a partner at Renewed Vision, whose software tools like ProPresenter are staples not only in the faith-based event industry worldwide, but also for live events executed by Fortune 500 companies, professional sports teams and musicians. ProPresenter changed the way churches around the world experience their services each week.

Atlanta-based Dolezal began working with North Point Community Church early in his career. That relationship opened the door for him to spend 11 years traveling the world while he served as tour manager for recording artist Chris Tomlin. To date, Dolezal has overseen the production of more than 500 live events with Tomlin. He’s produced events for Tomlin in packed arenas on multiple continents, navigating all technical challenges that come with facilitating an event abroad.

Major improvements he’s delivered to worship leaders include implementing show control and automation, and streamlining production workflow.

“We’ve pushed the envelope a lot from the early days of internet streaming to later pulling off three Passion Conferences simultaneously in different venues,” Dolezal says.

Beyond his work with Tomlin, Dolezal has expanded the reach of Renewed Vision by establishing partnerships with live event giants like Catalyst, Evangelical Covenant Church’s CHIC Conference and Worship Night in America. He continues to share his technical gifts for events with Passion Conferences, Passion City Church and Chick-fil-A, among others.

A married father with three small children, Dolezal is an owner and board member of a nutraceutical manufacturing company, making a mark in more than live event production. Additionally, he’s exploring new territory as he runs for a state senate position in Georgia in 2018.

Dolezal credits his collaborators along the way with bringing more value to his work.

“I genuinely consider my greatest accomplishment to be surrounding myself with great people who make work challenging and enjoyable at the same time,” he says.

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