Groundbreakers | Jermaine Lawrence Anderson, Apostolic Faith Church

By Connect Staff, May 26, 2016

Jermaine Lawrence Anderson cannot be defined or confined. The dapper disciple is on a mission to move ministry outside the four walls of his chapel. As director of special affairs for the Apostolic Faith Church located on the tumultuous South Side of Chicago, Anderson has helped foster creative ways to reach community members who have never sat in his church’s pews. He initiated a successful sunrise prayer on Lake Michigan each summer, where he helped his pastor give communion on the shore. “We attracted joggers, bike riders and even a naval base school who stopped to worship with the team, and it was a way to reach people outside our congregation,” he says. While Anderson belongs to a Pentecostal church, he and his pastor invited all denominations to take part in the experience.

Anderson also sprung into action recently to support Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s Faith and Action anti-violence initiative, where he urged Chicago believers to each create their own event to raise awareness. “We initiated a ‘stop the violence’ march,” explains Anderson. “We identified 55 street corners where violence occurs in our neighborhood. Each group took a street corner, and as we marched through the streets singing and chanting, we would stop on each corner and pray with the group, and then they would join us for the rest of the march. We prayed 55 times.” This summer was a particularly violent time in the city, and each weekend many shootings were reported on the South Side. “That weekend of the march, which was Memorial Day weekend, we watched the news to see if we made a difference. The anchors were astonished to reveal that there was not one shooting in Chicago!”

“We would stop on each corner and pray with the group, and then they would join us for the rest of the march. We prayed 55 times.”

Next year ushers in Apostolic Faith Church’s 100-year anniversary. And Anderson, who says he uses Pinterest for event ideas, is excited to plan a yearlong celebration with banquets, parties and a documentary he’s working on called “100 Years, 100 Stories” with cross-generational stories from church members.

In addition to all of that, this planner extraordinaire is president of Kingdom Resources, a faith-based ministry consulting firm that assists churches, ministry leaders and pastors in propelling their ministries into greater levels of excellence.

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