Groundbreakers | Kevin Brooks, Church of God International

By Connect Staff, June 9, 2016

Kevin Brooks did something remarkable in 2014. For many years, The Church of God International Offices hired outside sources to secure hotels, convention centers and speakers for their meetings, but Reverend Brooks took it in-house. Now, as the group’s agent of record, he’s the one booking events and signing contracts, which means all the commission dollars that were once flowing out are now streaming back into the church’s coffers to do good. “It’s God’s money,” says Brooks, who moonlights as a state representative for the 24th district in Tennessee. “There’s a verse that says, ‘tithes should come back to the storehouse,’ and that’s what we’re doing.”

The revolutionary idea has caused many colleagues to reach out and ask him how to replicate the strategy. As one of the few faith leaders to try this, Brooks has quite literally, created a blueprint. The strategic move just netted the Church of God their most well-attended (10,000 strong!) and most financially successful Church of God International General Assembly to date. “It was a big step of faith. None of us knew how big it would be, and the leadership was blown away,” he says. “It was overwhelming for me to present the numbers, and overwhelming for them to receive them. We’ve never walked this road before, so the potential is encouraging and we feel like we’ve just begun to scratch the surface on reinvesting money back into the church.”

For the event, Brooks contracted 18 hotels for housing and used Orlando’s Orange County Convention Center’s north and south concourses. More than 40,000 people live-streamed the event. “My generation has seen the transfer from paper to paperless meetings and events. In the next five years, I believe we will see the transfer from paperless to wireless. We can already check in, check out and check up on our hotel blocks on our phone. With RFID and apps, one day we won’t even need to show up, but that won’t be as fun. Meeting planning is a people profession. We will always need people.”

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