Groundbreakers | Rob Alderman, The Alderman Group

By Connect Staff, May 12, 2016

Rob Alderman’s roots in branding and marketing stem from working at a small record label in college, where he crafted creative ways to promote bands. The experience eventually translated into starting The Alderman Group, a brand identity company that focuses on developing quality content and strategy. Now he works with a number of different clients across different genres, including some faith-based groups. “I hope we will continue to grow and work with clients who are doing meaningful things in the world,” Alderman says, “and I hope we can create content that changes people for the better.”

We don’t want to just do great creative work. We want to do important work.

During a recent religious conference, Alderman’s team took the messages from inside the meeting into cyberspace in a unique way. His business partner and wife, Ashley, live-blogged the entire conference. “Most people invite bloggers to attend their gathering and write about it, but we had an embedded person writing as the voice of the event,” he reveals. “It resonated on a very personal level.” The numbers were staggering. Ashley would put up a post, and 30 minutes later it would have 2,000 views. Alderman also put a writer in the sessions, a photographer on the floor and a graphic designer on-site so photos from the event could quickly be paired with meaningful messages from the speakers or attendees, and a graphic designer could craft “shareables,” as Alderman calls them, on the spot for social media.

“I’ve been on teams that have won ADDYs, TELLYs and even a PRSA Bronze Anvil, but my most notable accomplishment is working with my wife to build The Alderman Group from the ground up. It’s the hardest thing we’ve ever done, and also the thing I’m most proud of. And we aren’t done yet.”

“For events, the biggest thing on the horizon is that social campaigns will stop being niche work and will become an absolute must-have. Now, I’m not sure what the social landscape will be in five years. Certainly it will change. But event-oriented social campaigns won’t be simply for the big brands anymore.”

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