How to Stop Overspending on Audiovisual for Events

By Will Curran, December 18, 2018

 Be Clear on Your Vision 

This is a big one we see all the time!  If you aren’t clear on your vision and event logistics, you could be hit with additional costs. Additional costs can pile up fast when it comes to events. To avoid this, come prepared with as many details as possible. How big is your venue? Can you supply floor plans? Where do you want staging? What kind of power do you need? How many people are projected to come? The more you know about your event, the better chances you won’t be hit with any surprise costs.

 Know What Questions to Ask

If you learn to ask the right questions when hiring an event company, you can undoubtedly save money. When going through quotes, ask if the providers are using the best piece of equipment for the job. Sometimes AV companies will give you older equipment because they have it in stock and can profit. You don’t want a piece of a equipment just because it’s in stock. A good AV company will select pieces of equipment because they are the best for your event’s needs. If in doubt, always ask why they chose the specific equipment and what it will be used for.

Finalize Pricing

If anything changes during planning, make sure you get an updated quote. If you make a lot of changes, you may not realize how that will affect the bottom line. Confirm with the company if nothing changes, then your invoice will match the quote. Prior to the event, clarify what the prices are so you know exactly what you will be paying for and what you will be receiving. You won’t have the power to negotiate once you’re at the event and everything is finalized.

If anything does come up on-site ask your AV company to show you what the price of the change would be on-site—not just send you a mystery bill after. Once you receive a pricing estimate on-site you can agree to the change or make new plans. Finally, be sure to ask if the labor includes set up, tear down and travel. These types of additional fees can surprise you and blow your budget.



Will Curran is the founder and chief event einstein at Endless Events. A past member of Connect’s 40 under 40, Curran has been producing events since high school, when he started his first company and has now worked in the production of large event clients such as Morton Salt, Uber, Emerald City Comicon and Anheuser-Busch. His team’s mission is to simplify the event planning process by creating the equation for an event’s perfect solution. From event logistics to business development to technical production, Curran has a diverse background in growing events and companies to the next level.

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