Just Dance: Q&A With D4H Mega Mime’s Event Manager

Just Dance: Q&A With D4H Mega Mime’s Event Manager

By Caroline Cox, April 26, 2016

What are the correlations between mime and faith?
Faith is the core of the relationship—the miming is just an expression of what’s already there in terms of faith. Without the faith and the belief in Jesus Christ, it’s the only movement. Even though pastor Tim has studied under the methods of [French actor and mime] Marcel Marceau, his faith as a pastor makes it more than simply miming. They have what they call processionals, which includes flags. Four years ago, they also started to incorporate dance. They’ve always had live music involved, but now dance ministries from all over the country are participating. That has grown the event as well. They only had about 20 dancers, but now they have 250 and almost 1,200 to 1,500 participants a night.

How does the conference target youth in particular?
We still do traditional media, but we’ve gone grassroots. Social media has been a massive platform because their largest core participants are millennials. [The event will] have 300 adult mimers, but they’ll have close to 700 or 800 teens and young adults, and then they have 300 or so little ones ages 5 to 8. Right now we’re starting to use Snapchat, then we’re going to use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to get the word out. We do a lot of amplification with tweeting. We’re incorporating Periscope, and we started doing the Facebook Live sessions where people can come in behind the scenes and [virtually] see some of the workshops and rehearsals.

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