Keeping Up With The Davis Family

By Connect Staff, July 29, 2019

What have been your greatest challenges in combining your families? What advice would you give to overcome them?

LD: Make sure everyone’s feelings are considered. Communication is key.

GD: The greatest challenge for blending our families was making sure everyone’s concerns were acknowledged, discussed and answered; everyone matters.

What’s a typical evening at home with the Davises?

LD: We usually try to cook dinner together when our schedules permit so we can talk about the excitement of the day. Then we cuddle up on the sofa with my favorite blanket and watch TV, or just talk. Sometimes, I sneak down to the man cave to see what he’s up to… it’s so much fun in there.

How are things going with the ministry and global outreach efforts?

LD: It’s been an incredible journey to be part of such an innovative and progressive ministry. The congregation embraced me with open arms. I have rolled up my sleeves and started working with the women and youth ministries, and I’m preparing for my first mission trip to South Africa later this year.

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