2017 Culture Shapers: Matt Olthoff, The Strategy Guru

By Leigh Harper, October 5, 2017

Matt Olthoff works in Irvine, California, for four organizations. As a 2017 Culture Shaper, Olthoff discusses his passion for the events industry.

Matt Olthoff’s career is fourfold. The Southern Californian coaches pastors regarding discipleship through the Rooted Network; he’s a workshop facilitator at StoryBrand; he serves as executive director of In the Name of Love Ministries; and he also serves in leadership for The Father’s House OC in Huntington Beach.

The Rooted Network aims to train pastors in developing more effective discipleship strategies. Olthoff developed this network and now coaches more than 500 pastors.

StoryBrand is author Donald Miller’s organization that facilitates marketing events to help groups clarify their brand and story. The content centers on helping participants become better storytellers and simplify their messages.

In the Name of Love Ministries is his wife Bianca’s organization, focused on inspiring the current generation to discover their meaning and purpose in Jesus. Bianca speaks at churches and events such as the RightNow Conference and Propel Women gatherings. As executive director, Matt is responsible for all operational and behind- the-scenes functions, like communications, finance and human resources.

The Olthoffs are launching a church in Orange County in September 2018 through the Association of Related Churches. He will be the pastor of The Father’s House OC.

Olthoff’s four roles have enabled him to alter courses for many ministries and individuals, strengthening their connections to God and their strategies for helping those around them grow.

“I honestly am not qualified for any of these roles, but we know God doesn’t call the qualified to build his kingdom,” Olthoff says.

He credits his decade employed as the outreach pastor at Irvine, California’s Mariners Church for providing invaluable professional and personal experience. There, he mobilized more than

12,000 volunteers for service projects, led mission trips to 12 countries and raised more than $1.5 million for outreach projects. “I learned so much about stepping into a calling and holding onto Jesus in the process,” Olthoff says.

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