Artist to Know: Michelle Citrin

By Stephanie Davis Smith, January 27, 2017

When singer-songwriter Michelle Citrin works on a new album, she finds herself “praying for the ability to project the images and sounds that live inside the walls of the mind,” she writes on her blog. That’s because her Jewish faith is never too far away for Citrin, who has played for audiences at the Union for Reform Judaism Biennial, American Israel Public Affairs Committee Policy Conference and was named one of the top 10 new Jewish rock stars on The prayers paid off, and fans of the Brooklyn-based singer were thrilled when her sixth album, “Left Brained Right Hearted,” was released in the spring. She spent the summer making appearances at URJ youth summer camps around the country with new songs like “Jerusalem” and “Thoughts of You” off the album, and was invited to play the High Holiday services at Temple Micah in Washington, D.C., where power players like former “Meet the Press” moderator David Gregory attend.  

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