Christy and Nathan Nockels on Worship, Marriage and “Gilmore Girls”

Christy and Nathan Nockels on Worship, Marriage and “Gilmore Girls”

By Leigh Harper, November 2, 2016

Nathan and Christy Nockels have been married for 21 years and making music together since they met. The duo released albums as the band Sons and Daughters and then Watermark before Christy partnered with sixstepsrecords to release solo albums while Nathan focused on producing them. They have been part of the Passion Conferences band since its inception and will lead at Passion 2017 this January. Christy also has an independent Christmas album, “The Thrill of Hope,” produced by Nathan, that’s set to release later this year. Nathan and Christy, who launched the “Glorious in the Mundane” podcast in June, slowed down to reflect on their journey and share what it’s like on their side of the stage.

What excites you most about leading worship at live events?

Christy: It’s always such a joy to be able to watch what the Lord is doing in the room. It’s exciting when people respond, but even more so, getting to watch people go on a journey. At the beginning of an event, you see people who are reserved, bound up. Later, you watch [their] walls come down. You see people experience transformation.

How do you prepare to lead?

Nathan: It’s something you have to be deliberate about. It’s easy to arrive at the venue, tune your guitar and start playing. We have to deliberately stop, slow down and not make this just another thing. Having quiet space and time together beforehand helps. If someone is speaking after we play, we try to connect with that [person] before to see what’s being talked about and if we can [play] two or three songs to match what’s happening that night.

Christy: If I’m distracted, or feeling uneasy or nervous about something, I love to look through the curtain at the audience before I walk out. I ask, “Lord, what’s your heart for the people? Show me one face you want me to pray for. Give me your heart for these people.” Love has to be our motivation for everything. The father’s heart is so wrapped up in that. We forget we can ask him what he wants to do in the room.

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