Odyssey Teams Puts Focus on Youth Teambuilding

By Hayley Panagakis, June 15, 2015

This year, Youth With A Mission will be among the first to take advantage of Odyssey Teams’ new division, Odyssey for Youth. The program provides planners with teambuilding activities geared toward young people, including high and low ropes courses, inspirational speakers, themed workshops and hands-on philanthropic activities. With the exception of the high ropes course, all activities can be brought on-site for any event, from a breakout session to a full-day experience.

Odyssey for Youth’s giveback opportunities—one of which is the Helping Hands program, where students work together to build prosthetic hands for amputees—are suitable for any age. Other programs include bike and skateboard construction to support local kids in need, as well as outdoor activities and superhero-themed leadership workshops.

Odyssey Teams has been working with young people for 25 years and impacts students by addressing social pressures such as bullying and negative self-image, says Tevra Blankenship, program director. “We provide activities where students are able to see their own leadership… and that combats peer pressure and bullying by giving them the confidence to really believe in themselves and believe there are other people out there who support them,” she adds.

Photo credit: Bill John

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