5 Olympic Games Event Planners Would Win

By Matt Swenson, August 8, 2016

Olympians have nothing on meeting planners when it comes to overcoming hurdles. In honor of this year’s Summer Games in Rio de Janeiro, we’ve come up with a few Olympic-style events event professionals would medal in.

The Ballroom Dash
Whether it’s 100 or 1,000 yards, there’s no distance a meeting planner won’t sprint to prevent a disaster.

Cellphone Toss
Think of it as a cross between the discus throw and shot put events. Planners can heave phones in frustration with the best of athletes. (We advise using old, deactivated devices.)

Chair Stacking
This is where experienced planners will really clean up. Breaking down a venue post-event requires fast action, and piling chairs may be the most arduous of tasks. It tests speed and strength.

Synchronized Sitting
Planners turn the task of getting everyone in the right position at the right time into an art form, not unlike the en masse swimming competitions at the real Olympics.

Arm Twisting
Planners constantly wrestle with venue management over prices, giving them good practice for this most appropriate of competitions.

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