How Paul Sohn Turned a Crisis Into a Calling

By Anna Dunn, January 26, 2017

Paul Sohn QARA Quarter Life Calling leadership millennials 20-somethingsIn search of a more meaningful life, Paul Sohn left a comfortable career at Boeing to become a blogger.

Not the kind of blogger hidden behind a screen at home on his couch, though. Sohn took a position that allowed him to help others as a leadership transformation consultant at Giant Worldwide, where he began blogging and speaking about vocation and leadership.

With a heart burdened for millennials, 30-year-old Sohn in January transitioned out of his consulting job and turned his calling into a full-time gig: QARA, an organization he’s created to provide resources for 20-somethings in search of their own callings. We caught up with the go-getter ahead of the March launch of QARA, as well as the April release of his book “Quarter-Life Calling.”


How did your time at Boeing influence what you’re doing now?

I worked for Boeing for about five years as an internal consultant. I had a competitive salary, job security and a good work environment. But I started to wonder: Is this really it? Deep inside I felt restless and empty. I started to go through my own version of a quarter-life crisis. My definition of success was based primarily on what the world says, which is you need to make a lot of money and climb the corporate ladder to bring security, success and happiness to your life.

Realizing how fleeting and empty that was, I had a conversation with a mentor. He told me, “Paul, you have a unique calling on your life. Life is too short to waste time worrying what other people think about you or how the world defines you.” That ultimately led me to quit Boeing because I realized God was calling me elsewhere.

Paul Sohn QARA Quarter Life Calling leadership millennials 20-somethingsDescribe your personal calling.

I have a burning desire to minister to people in their 20s because I believe it’s the biggest transition [period in life]. It’s a tumultuous time. They don’t know where they’re going. My desire is to coach them, to inspire them and to speak into their lives to help them discover what I call their true north, which is the purpose for which they’ve been created.


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