Planner Picks: Music to Set the Tone

By Rejuvenate Staff, April 6, 2015

It can be a daunting task to try and keep up with whose songs and which artists are popular in the ever-shifting music industry. Music is a vital part of creating the atmosphere of a conference, so we asked fellow planners what songs they’re using right now to set the tone at their events.

“Church of God commissioned a new music project for International General Assembly this year called ONE. Our presiding bishop set forth the theme
of our conference as ONE, and the music project perfectly complemented our sessions. Writers in Nashville wrote ONE, and we worked with our own church musicians to promote it throughout our denomination.”
—Kevin Brooks, Church of God

“I’m a huge fan of Boney James. His music always sets the tone for my spirit when I sit down in my booth. I love the song East Bay off his ‘Sweet Thing’ album. When I need to get a spiritual lift, I listen to Earnest Pugh’s I Need Your Glory.’ That song always brings me to tears.”
—Paul Brown, Seventh Episcopal District of the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church

“We open our conferences with For Your Gloryby Tasha Cobbs andFill Me Up by Casey J, which are awesome worship songs to set the tone of our sessions.”
—Rebecca Davis, Davi Image and Resource Agency

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