Quick Guide to Teen Talk

By Natalie Dupuis, June 30, 2015

The English language is ever-evolving as culture shifts, and it’s more evident than ever today thanks to text-speak and shorthand abbreviations. These words may not be in Merriam-Webster (yet), but that’s not to say kids aren’t using them every day. Here’s an easy manual to translating what kids at your event are actually saying.

On fleek, adj.

To be on point, with the trend; flawless

TBH, phrase

Short for “to be honest;” generally used in text messages or tweets

Squad, noun

Crew, posse, group of friends

Turn up, verb

Get loose, have fun, go crazy

SMH, phrase

Short for “shaking my head;” used in a state of disappointment or confusion at another person’s actions; usually used ironically

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