Radio Icon Delilah’s Calling

By Matt Swenson, July 19, 2019

Delilah begins an interview the same way she begins many of the calls on her popular radio show: “What’s on your heart?” she asks. It’s a catchphrase Delilah proudly owns, as those four words sum up the essence of the program. September will mark 45 years since she first began offering spiritually based love advice over the air—although she, too, has had some rocky love stories. Delilah has been married four times, a fact she says makes her suggestions more authentic to listeners.

While the radio icon is famous for asking about others, the reality is there’s been far too much on her heart and mind recently. Her oldest son, Zachariah, took his own life last year while Delilah was on one of her annual mission trips to Africa. He suffered from mental illness, which spiraled toward the end of his life. Zachariah was the second child Delilah has lost. Sammy, who Delilah adopted from Africa, passed away in 2012 from sickle cell anemia.

The loss of a child is unbearable for any parent. But the pain must be particularly acute for Delilah, who has dedicated her life to assisting in providing health care, education and other care for impoverished children across the globe. As if her day job wasn’t enough, she stays busy by running her own continuously growing household filled with little and not-so-little ones (13—three biological, 10 adopted—to be exact) in the Pacific Northwest. That doesn’t count the horses, dogs and other animals.

Connect Faith caught up with Delilah—on a phone call, naturally—to discuss her lifetime dedicated to helping others, how faith has shaped her path and finding a work-life balance through it all.

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