Radio Icon Delilah’s Calling

Radio Icon Delilah’s Calling

By Matt Swenson, July 19, 2019

What’s it like to be the Delilah?

It’s wicked fun. I never get tired of hearing people say, “Wait, are you the real Delilah?” Then they sing “Delilah.”

Can you describe Point Hope’s mission?

Point Hope works here in the United States to bring awareness to kids in foster care and partnering with organizations that advocate on behalf of kids in our child welfare system. We work overseas with developing nations to get basic necessities—like nutrition, sanitation, those sorts of things—to kids to sustain their lives. We have a medical team going to West Africa in August.

How many children have you helped over the years?

We take care of 380 to 400 kids every year. We put kids through school. I don’t even know. We’ve been doing it for a long time.

Could you have ever imagined doing all this for children when you were a child?

It is definitely my calling, my mission in life. I never pictured, when I was young, that this would be the path the Lord would lay before me, but I sure am blessed and grateful. As much as I love being on the air, in some ways it’s a means to an end because it affords me the ability to do what I do for kids around the world.

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