Radio Icon Delilah’s Calling

Radio Icon Delilah’s Calling

By Matt Swenson, July 19, 2019

Why dedicate yourself to others?

Everyone has a calling. Everybody has a talent or a gift or a skill that the Lord put in them. The magic is figuring out your passion and how you can apply that passion to making the world a better place. There are a lot of people who know what their passion is and they apply it to making themselves happy, but that doesn’t really accomplish anything except making them happy.

If your passion is skiing and you love to go skiing and snowboarding, that’s great for you, but when you take that passion and give free ski lessons once a weekend for an hour or two to kids in a foster care program who otherwise would not have this opportunity, then you are using your passion to change the world for good.

Has it been a challenge blending your faith and career?

There is always a challenge, and I’ve been fired for it. But I don’t really care because every time the world closes a door, God opens a better one. I don’t shove my faith down anyone’s throat on the air. It is who I am and I am not going to make apologies for it.

Do your beliefs affect what sponsorships you take on?

All the time. I’m not going to lend my voice to something I don’t believe in. It can be a problem at times, but thankfully there are enough businesses that are family-focused and have great products and services I can say yes to. My job is not selling the commercials. But, the people who sell the commercials know me—they don’t even bring stuff to the table they know I am not going to like.

Can you share some examples?

Our national sponsors have been with me for years. A lot of them didn’t come to me. We went to them because they are products or services I use. I go to Home Depot at least once per week—usually two or three times—so we deciced to see if they are interested in sponsoring my show. That was a very organic, real thing—the relationship was in place years before the sponsorship was in place.

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