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By Matt Swenson, July 19, 2019

Do you feel bad it’s so hard to get through to you?

I do, but I pray every day and I say, “Lord, whoever needs to hear from you, whoever you want me to talk to, let them get through, and give me the wisdom you would have me answer them.” I know whoever gets through, God wanted them to.

One obvious difference between the start of your career and now is the advent of social media. How does that affect your messaging?

It’s a different audience. My Facebook audience tends to be a little bit younger. My listening audience are more women in their 30s, 40s or 50s. But a lot of my Facebook audience is in their 20s or 30s, so it’s a little different.

What do you attribute to your lasting power?

I think people know I am real and speaking from my heart. What they see is what they get. I don’t go on the air and pretend to love God and then go off the air. I’m not a created character or entertainer. I am who I am. I think people recognize that within a few minutes of listening to the show.

How many more years will you keep going with the show?

I am adopting a 3-year-old and I need to get him through school. He is not even in preschool yet, so I have at least 16 more years ahead of me.

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