Ray Ezelle Lays Out Vision for Virginia’s Blue Ridge

By Matt Swenson, June 6, 2019

How will you manage a staff hired by your predecessor?

It’s very similar to what I did at Connect. We had established superstars at Connect. So, as opposed to me making a 180-degree shift, I’ll make small tweaks and try to get them involved to buy in to our strategy. I don’t believe in change for change’s sake. I believe in streamlining processes and how we focus on moving the needle.

What’s your mission statement?

The way I look at it is simple. At Virginia’s Blue Ridge, we have almost 8,000 people dependent on tourism. I want us to be able to look in the mirror each night and say, “I did everything I could to make sure these 8,000 people are working—whether they are a server at a restaurant or a housekeeper. I take it personally.”

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