Getting Personal With Shauna Niequist

Getting Personal With Shauna Niequist

By Kelsey Ogletree, November 9, 2016

Between releasing “Present Over Perfect” in August, being part of the Belong Tour this fall and cheering on her beloved Chicago Cubs to a World Series victory in November, Shauna Niequist has hardly had a minute to sit still. But indeed, she’s a happy kind of busy—and living precisely the kind of life she wrote about creating in her book. Connect Faith snagged a few minutes of her time to catch up and see how she’s balancing it all, plus get her take on the best fall boots and what’s for dinner in the Niequist household.

How have things been going for you since your book came out?
My book came out on a Tuesday. The next week I turned 40; the next week was our 15th wedding anniversary; and then I started on the Belong Tour—all within the same two-week period. It’s been a wonderful, happy, very busy blur. It’s meaningful to connect with people who found the book to be a helpful set of ideas.

Wait a minute! Isn’t “Present Over Perfect” about slowing down?
I very intentionally wrote about present over perfect because I wanted those ideas and commitments to be written down in black and white so I could see them. It was a difficult decision for me to go on the Belong Tour because I didn’t want to be gone that much. [But comparatively], I’m now gone one night a week, 12 times. I used to do 40 to 50 speaking engagements a year, so this is the most I’ve been home in years.

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