Starting From Scratch: What It Takes to Launch a Conference

Starting From Scratch: What It Takes to Launch a Conference

By Marc Boisclair, April 20, 2016

It’s no news that starting a conference requires a healthy outlay of time, money and energy. What is striking, however, is how many of these new events not only survive, but thrive. Take IF: Gathering, for example. Started in 2014 by Jennie Allen, Lindsey Nobles and an all-star team of female advisers, the women’s-only conference has reached more than 1 million women in 50 countries in less than three years.

For faith-based groups, religion adds a fourth element that typically drives their goals: What is their conference’s spiritual mission and how will this event serve their attendees? With that in mind, we got to know three conference founders—and the calling behind launching their conferences—to learn why and how they came to be, and the results of following their passion.

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These three new trends will change event tech going forward.

The inaugural Elevate conference, produced by the Association for Women in Events, sparked ideas and discussions crucial to breaking the glass ceiling.

Going to Maui doesn’t have to break the bank. We have an itinerary for every budget.

Airport kiosks nationwide now offer everything from shaving kits to parkas.

Communication and leadership skills expert Pamela Jett says you need to choose words wisely to influence decision-makers.

Marriott International identifies leaders in the F&B world.

Philadelphia Church of God’s Feast of Tabernacles requires a cornucopia of planning.

Shared Hope International adds a second conference to further address ways to combat trafficking.

This webinar will chart the development of sustainable events from early iterations to the multitude of issues and challenges faced today.

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