Nick Hall on Leading a Reset at Together 2016

Nick Hall on Leading a Reset at Together 2016

By Anna Dunn, July 12, 2016

With a label like “the Billy Graham of the next generation,” as he was dubbed on Fox News’ “Fox & Friends,” Nick Hall is unsurprisingly doing big things. Exhibit A:

It’s been a wild 48 hours. #FillTheMall #Together2016 #JesusChangesEverything #resetbook

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Yes, that is in fact Pope Francis. Ten years ago, Hall, a then-college student in Fargo, North Dakota, launched one of the largest student outreach movements in American history. Since then, through his ministry Pulse, he’s shared with more than 3 million people globally about the reset experienced by those who respond to the gospel (known as the Reset Movement). Passionate for revival in the United States, Hall’s next venture is to gather 1 million people to Washington, D.C.’s National Mall July 16 for Together 2016. Hall gave Connect Faith the inside story on the historic gathering.

How long have you been planning Together 2016?

We believe that moments of historic change are marked by historic gatherings. Five years ago, we started intentionally thinking about what it would look like to gather the nation. It started as a dream, and we started to put feet to our faith and meet with folks to ask for advice and opinions. We started dreaming and conceptualizing, meeting and casting vision. And then three or four years ago we started the hard plans, and we’ve been going ever since. There are 350 nonprofits partnering with us now, and there are thousands of churches and hundreds of thousands of people, so this is really a God movement. He put the dream in our hearts, and it was way bigger than our ability, but we believe he’s faithful.

The main goal of Together is to “propel a massive cultural shift.” What shift do you want to see take place?

There are two broad things we want to see happen on July 16: We want to see a generation have an encounter with Jesus and experience the reset he offers. We believe there’s something about gathering together. We believe the ripple effect from a single moment like that can shift history. The second part is to see a generation commissioned. There’s real power when an older generation stretches out its hand and places it on the shoulder of a younger generation and says, “I believe in you; I’m praying over you, and I’m sending you out to go and do this.”

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