Retreat to YMCA of the Rockies

By Sponsored Content, October 4, 2017

Alarm clanging. News blaring. Horns honking. Babies crying. Phones ringing. Texts chirping.

Sound like your day? Try this:

Birds singing. Leaves quaking. Clouds drifting. Sun shining. Streams flowing. Deer leaping. Elk grazing.

Do you need a break? A retreat? Some renewal?

Life gets hectic, busy, crazy. No matter how much you love all the action and activity, sometimes you need a break.

The word retreat is Latin for “to pull back.” When you take a retreat—for yourself or with a group—you get the opportunity to pull back from the world and take a break.

Think about it. Since the beginning, humans have taken time away from the world’s distractions to deepen perspective, find understanding and revive their spirt. For instance, Jewish tradition reserves the Sabbath for reflection. Trappist monks have retreated for reflection and renewal since the 11th century.

Today, many people report feeling rested, rejuvenated and inspired after taking time for a retreat.

One of the easiest and most effective ways to revitalize mind, body and spirit is to spend time in the great outdoors. Being outside in natural surroundings fosters contemplation and allows you to change your perspective. You’ll find restoration in fresh air, trees, sunshine and bird song.

YMCA of the Rockies’ two locations—Estes Park Center, just outside of Estes Park, Colo., and Snow Mountain Ranch, near Winter Park, Colorado–offer the space and services to experience true retreat. Our two beautiful locations in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado provide the perfect combination of updated facilities, retreat cabins, lodge rooms and team building activities connecting you with the outdoors.

Estes Park Center is bordered on three sides by Rocky Mountain National Park. With the Park at your door step, you and your group will experience amazing 360 views, unforgettable hikes and the chance to see all of our abundant wildlife.

Snow Mountain Ranch, just two hours from Denver, is perfect for groups visiting during every season. With 5,200 acres of sprawling ranch property, beautiful views of the Continental Divide and something to do for all ages, you and your group will never forget this Rocky Mountain adventure.

Both locations serve individuals, families and groups of all sizes.

About the YMCA of the Rockies:

There are many reasons that guests choose to stay at one of YMCA of the Rockies’ locations. Every year, we host and serve more than 800 family reunions and 1,200 conferences. Estes Park Center can host as many as 5,032 guests and Snow Mountain Ranch can host as many as 1,640 guests. Guests are inspired by our beautiful mountain views, fresh mountain air and endless recreational possibilities. Our wholesome Christian environment allows for quality time with co-workers, family and friends to become our guests’ main focus.

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