Meet Aidan: The Young Man Changing How You Think About Giving

By Wendell Brock, June 24, 2015

0624_RJWeb_Feature_AidanSome kids realize early on they have a gift for piano, math or sports. Seven years ago, now-14-year-old Aidan Thomas Hornaday became a sort of giving prodigy. 

It may have been his homeschooling, childhood in the church, early exposure to inspirational speakers—or an amalgamation of all three. But together they led to an impromptu harmonica session outside the restrooms of a restaurant that earned him $80 thrown into his hat, which was an astonishing amount of money for a 7-year-old.

As any kid would, Hornaday suddenly felt rich and began fantasizing about all the things he could buy. Then it occurred to him he already had everything he needed, and he thought about the missionary reports his mother read to him about kids in Africa who were suffering from parasites. “I remember feeling so touched that the little food they had was being taken away from them,” he shared during a talk at Convergence Church in downtown Atlanta. “There I was with my $80—my small fortune. I thought: I can use this to make a difference. So that’s what I did.”

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