#FlashbackFriday: What It’s Like Planning Pine Cove Christian Camps

#FlashbackFriday: What It’s Like Planning Pine Cove Christian Camps

By Connect Staff, June 3, 2016

Pine Cove, a series of summer camps, conferences and retreats headquartered in Tyler, Texas, has a history of transforming lives. Just ask Chris Drake, former director of marketing at Pine Cove, who experienced first-hand its transformative power. In 2003, when he was 23, Drake accepted a job at the camp in marketing, expecting to be there a few months. But as has happened to many others, the place grounded him. So he set roots until eventually moving on to a career in finance. In his time with Pine Cove, he and his staff took the camps and ministry to other U.S. states and led mission trips in Latin America.

In true #FlashbackFriday fashion, we look back to a 2012 interview with Drake, where he shares how he and the Pine Cove team headed their planning efforts. Brush up on his tactics and take them to heart for your own organization.

What’s involved with putting on other organizations’ events at Pine Cove?
With a retreat, a group rents our facilities and plans their own event. [We] help them pick the best weekend and facility, find a package that fits their budget and facilitate the weekend for them. We set the meeting rooms up in the configurations they want, serve all the meals they want, clean up everything and run activities they want. They set their schedule, topics and speakers.

And what about conferences?
The conferences are Pine Cove events, [so] we pick the weekend we think will work best. We pick the age group and set up the speaker, schedule, programs and activities. With some conferences, we may have two or three church groups; in other cases, it’s open enrollment. There are lots of different events and possibilities.

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