The Innovations in Faith-Based Nursing Conference Fuels Healthy Discussions

By Leigh Harper, January 31, 2019

Most people only dream of a conference that addresses their spiritual and professional lives simultaneously—but for nurses, it’s a reality.

In June, Christian nurses, nurse educators and administrators gathered in Marion, Indiana, for the seventh Innovations in Faith-Based Nursing Conference.

“There is no other conference like it,” says planner Jill Steinke. “[Innovations] provides an arena for nurse educators to showcase their scholarship, develop relationships with Christian nurse educators and get rejuvenated physically, emotionally and spiritually.”

The conference is sponsored by host Indiana Wesleyan University’s nursing school, along with Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing and Nurses Christian Fellowship, a ministry of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship.

Content at the biannual gathering addresses topics relevant to the nursing profession and Christian faith, such as mission opportunities and how to recognize and address victims of human trafficking.

The event also explores how to care for their patients spiritually and share their faith within the workplace. Research abstracts on cultural awareness, educational strategies, nursing practice and spiritual care are presented at the gathering as well.

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