6 Tips for Branding the Heck out of Your Event

By Leigh Harper, August 3, 2017

Facilitate viral marketing

Create a signature selfie location in a high-traffic area, inviting attendees to share your event with their social media followers. Shawn Elledge, art director for the North American Mission Board, says he’s seen this strategy create excitement and build momentum on-site, as well as expand an event’s reach online. To improve efforts: “We include our event hashtags on everything we can: wristbands, apparel and every signage piece,” says Elledge.

Use color.

If you have flexibility with creating the brand for your event, consider incorporating the venue’s colors to promote one comprehensive vibe. If not, ask what pieces of the venue can be changed to color the surroundings of your event (think cups, chairs, drinks, etc.). Also incorporate the color into your F&B plan. If your budget allows, light up the venue with your signature colors on the evenings leading up to the event to create buzz in the city.


Take customer service to the next level and use what Elledge calls human wayfinding. Enlist a stellar team of volunteers and train them thoroughly to answer all event FAQs. Then, send them to strategic locations wearing branded shirts to hold signs, answer questions and serve as a helpful resource for attendees. Equip each of them with a radio to provide them assistance as needed.

Seek recommendations.

Your point of contact at the venue can inform you of any signage restrictions, show you examples of branding locations other groups have used and share a preferred vendor list for installation. “Use good vendors who know the venue well and come highly recommended,” says Schieferdecker, recalling one disastrous event at his hotel that used an unknown installation vendor to save money. The group ended up with air bubbles in their clings and crooked signs that cost a pretty penny to produce, yet ended up looking sloppy.

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